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Luxury Villas Thailand

Thailand has long been one of the top holiday destinations in the world and its accommodation and resort destinations repeatedly win awards and accolades. Luxury villas have been springing up all over the country in the last few years and in some locations now rival hotel and resort accommodation as a choice for those in search of the ultimate, private vacation.

Even with the recent economic slow down, people increasingly see luxury villas as an attractive holiday option. It is often no more expensive to rent a private villa than it is to stay in a good hotel. What's more, families don't mind sharing a property if it means they can enjoy a more personal, independent holiday experience. Most of the luxury villas in Thailand offer the same or better facilities than a resort, but with the bonus of privacy and the freedom to choose a bespoke vacation.

Thanks to the low cost of construction and staffing in Thailand, luxury villas are both affordable to build and reasonable to rent. This means investors can build a dream second home, confident that the property will also generate an income for them when they are not in residence. Professional developers such as Dhevatara have created high quality, gated residential communities in stunning locations. Management companies and agents look after the villas and market them to potential clients, while a full time team of on-site staff take care of details when guests are staying at the villa.

The size and scope of many luxury properties in Thailand means they are often now referred to as Resort Residences. At the luxury end of the market, Thailand's villas not only come with private pools and exquisitely furnished living and sleeping spaces, but also offer added facilities such as fitness centers, home cinemas, electronic security systems and multi media capability.