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Koh Samui Villas

Although Koh Samui remains less developed than Phuket and Pattaya in terms of its tourism infrastructure and transport network, the market for Samui holiday villas is one of the most sophisticated in Thailand. In the last few years, the island has enjoyed something of a boom in this sector, with significant amounts of investment from around the globe being channelled into upmarket second homes and rental properties.

Before Samui became internationally known, the majority of investors were regional expatriates from places like Hong Kong and Singapore, who built and bought Koh Samui villas for holidays. However, the market has now started to attract more buyers direct from Eastern and Western Europe, as well as North America. Industry experts say this is largely because the services and amenities on the island have improved significantly with the arrival of international retail chains, high-end restaurants and modern medical facilities.

Strong demand at the top end of the market has driven prices up fast, and many of the islandís original holiday villas have already been bought and sold several times. But there is still plenty of room for growth on Koh Samui, with larger developers such as Dhevatara Properties adding upscale projects in a number of previously undiscovered locations along the north, west and south west coasts.

Samui villas vary enourmously in terms of both their size and design. Beachside properties enjoy strong demand, but space and building restrictions have led many buyers and developers to choose hillside locations, whichbenefit from stunning sea views and cooling breezes. Some villas are located within residential communities with onsite security and maintanence staff, while others are stand-alone properties. A private pool is often the centrepiece and a high percentage of Samui holiday villas are laid out as a series of individual buildings set within a tropical garden.

With a large number of luxury properties now complete in various locations around the island, another market trend is emerging. Buy to let investors increasingly target Samui as an attractive prospect because the islandís popularity with international tourists means the outlook for rental yields is very positive. This in turn has stimulated a growth in Koh Samui property management companies, with many firms now providing a full suite of services to villa owners that want to capitalize on their investment during periods when they are not using the property.

As market streams diversify and regional competition increases, Koh Samui holiday villas are becoming one of the islandís most important differentiators. The islandís boutique image appeals to high net worth clients, many of whom value privacy and personal service over price. As the infrastructure improves, and with it the quality of building materials available, demand for modern luxuries will continue to grow. The market has yet to reach its peak and existing owners, as well as potential investors should therefore enjoy solid returns as Koh Samuiís property market realises its full potential.