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Koh Samui Property

At the turn of the millennium, several large investments, combined with spiraling tourist arrivals stimulated a residential property boom on Koh Samui that saw land and house prices increase as much as ten times in a very short period of time. This prompted a lot of short-term investment, with buyers looking for rapid returns. Today, the island has a network of agents and developers offering a wide range of real estate options and this suggests that property values will continue to rise.  However, the legalities of foreign ownership and restrictions placed on foreign buyers have recently caused widespread concern, slowing the market down.

Fortunately, this period of quiet also created a more legitimate, secure investment environment because well-established, reliable firms saw the chance to enter the market focusing on quality and investor security. As the market bounces back, however, caution is still advised. A solid legal framework has yet to be agreed and the pricing structure is far from standardized. But with professional help and a pragmatic, long-term view, property on Koh Samui still represents an attractive investment opportunity.